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Billy Ray Cyrus

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Billy Ray Cyrus

Hope Is Just Ahead

[Verse 1]
I wonder why I had the blues
So I turn on the evening news
Children running from their school
Because it's some damn fools
Have no morrows and more

[Verse 2]
Another kid late in the block
Another town ground in the flood
Just a tragic travel tears
Lessons not learned through the years
Have all save us from our fears

I hope is just ahead
Sorrow is just behind us
From what the good books said
The truth will never bind us
Who's to say I wish I find
I guess I grew for sure in time
To then let's keep the dream in
For sure their hope is just ahead

[Verse 3]
Oh you gotta believe
You gotta put your faith
Get down on your knees
Oh you gotta believe

[Verse 4]
People fighting in the streets
Meanings with no full deet
How much longer can relax
Have we learned nothing from our past
These are the questions when I ask


Oh you gotta believe
Keep your faith
Get down on your knees
Oh, you gotta believe
Ohh, you gotta believe
Gotta keep your faith
Or get down on your knees
Oh you gotta believe