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Billy Ray Cyrus

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Billy Ray Cyrus

'Someday, Somewhere, Somehow'

Lyricist:Billy Ray Cyrus

I looked for you, in the mornin', with the sunrise
And I searched for you, all day through
And at night as I lay my head down, on my pillow
I closed my eyes and dreamed, only of you

Someday, somewhere, somehow
I know that I will, be with you
Someday, somewhere, somehow
My dreams of us together, will come true
Someday, somewhere, somehow

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Not a second ticks off the clock, that you don't cross my mind
And with every beat of my heart, I'm by your side
But the truth of the matter, is it's make believe
And my love once again, has been denied

Someday, somewhere, somehow
I know that I will be with you
Someday, somewhere, somehow
My dreams of us together, will come true
Someday, somewhere, somehow

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