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Billy Ray Cyrus

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【 Back To Tennessee 】【 2009-04-07 】

Album songs:
1.Back To Tennessee


3.He's Mine

4.Somebody Said A Prayer

5.A Good Day

6.I Could Be The One

7.Like Nothing Else

8.Country As Country Can Be

9.Love Is The Lesson

10.Give It To Somebody

11.Real Gone

12.Butterfly Fly Away (Feat. Miley Cyrus)

Album Intro:

Back To Tennessee is much more than just another album in one man's remarkable and enduring career. This is an extremely meaningful homecoming in that man's singular journey back to the musical roots that have long sustained him. 'This album is everything I am at this second,' says Cyrus. 'It's everything that I've been through and every step along the way to this point -- Ironically, sometimes looking back, in my case BACK TO TENNESEE, is the best way to move forward.'

Sitting in the slightly cluttered but welcoming music room that is his refuge of his Los Angeles home, with his trusty dog Tex by his side, Cyrus explains that the initial spark for Back To Tennessee was struck when Cyrus recorded 'Real Gone' with Mark Bright, the Grammy-winning Nashville producer perhaps best known for his work with Rascal Flatts. Right from the start, it was clear that working with Bright brought out the very best in Cyrus. True to the song's title, 'Real Gone' (written by Sheryl Crow and John Shanks) captured Cyrus at his most rocking and most real.