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Diamond Sky

Yeah, time to throw caution to the wind
If it boomerang backs hard
I'll just locate it again
Never click my friends, I'm good to flick my ends
Ust take my bag and attack and a booster rap
And it's goodness when I blend I'm singing
Matt Bing it I bring it in sick subject rap (hope ?? like this track)
7 planets set me back, my brain is C3DP0R2D2C3 we coupe with you we cool we be the truth
We be the deepest rocking crew
Cruising black blocks when I break it down
My town it shines like the diamond sky
And I make it sound, let me get it
Don't try to get it, don't take the joke
When you hit the block and you did it
First you not the facts
Now it's time to take it back 'cos

I'm going back where I started from
And when it goes down
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I take it back where I laid it down
(hip hop never stops, never stops)

Whoa, oh, it's so physical oh, so
Living in this new world order loco
Jobe, search for the hit about to go go with no chick
And glow, like Jehovah my spirits never sold
I am now with it, sitting pretty with platinum blacks plaques
Acting all self loathing when I'm feeling nothing back
Fat stack, hit it grin and flag it pony poop but you almost had it
Go great now, drop my sound, dun dun dun de de de de
Crown, and I'm not not not not chasing blatant bling
I simulate these words make it dope and float on angel wings
So bring the king of Kings, something that you can't hide hide
Cheers to the whole world
Hope for dope and then hope it float your side

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