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One Time

One time, I give em one time.
I give em one time.

[Verse 1:]
Watch to choke and don't bust
Got the juice so don't bound with us
Rock a faith, but don't wear things down
Rock a boat but they're landing now
Cheat things up, but don't die for the mill
Rock the truth and go home fulfilled
Back in the days I would hunt for the full, the blunts, and rip the mic at McGill
Just get down, one time
Try taking just one step back
Choking, smoking, macking lacking
Causing witchcraft blow, black
I choose the facts
Make a hit, then coast to coast and come back
You thought rap was over, but thank Jehovah I'm back
Taking over year, yeah beat that.

One time, I give em one time.
I give em one time.

[Verse 2:]
Forget the past and lets hang
No need to blast or gang bang
Lets be real because life's too short
Told ya girl to absorb them thoughts
Kick the truth but don't die to be right
Then again I like how you fight
Back in the days I would come over to your place from exchanging latex all night
Ye-ye-ye-yeah, one time...
Baby just take one step back
When I met you girl I stretch you, wet you
You twist the facts, make it seem like you and I are not back
You thought we were over, but thank Jehovah we swag
Kick him to the curb, lean back

One time, I give em one time.
I give em one time.

You're just another lonely girl
So who gives if you run the world
You're just another lonely girl
A lonely girl, yeah

[Verse 3:]
Back to the middle, to the front, don't front
On the style that was made, to be quiet and played
Like a child with a new toy, this is dope boy
Never know I never did coke boy
Used to drink Jag, chug it back till I yak
When I rolled with a pack of wolves on a black chop (Now I'm not)
Keep it reverential like my Pop, you can say I like to cope like Spock boy

Our solar system is floating through outer space
We don't know our own face
Won't act like a human race
We strictly wasting our rhymes
Thus wasting these young minds
Realize you are human kind, lick a shot one time!

One time, I give em one time.
I give em one time.

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