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Rise Like the Sun (The Dawn)

(all original rude boys know what do I,
so heed warning as I stand before you without sorrow,
driven eternally by the immortality of blackness,
which leaves me confused when gangstas die today,
the sun will still rise tommorrow)

Aiyo, pain stains my brain, I go insane
At times I wonder if I even know my name
Or who I be, who I perceive to be me
In a world where the fake get payed fully
You can't fool me, if you can't cycle the greenbacks
I mean that, so just chill with your feedback
And all, all that talk about billboard charts
Number one hits with no heart
Now where as a kite gets you high like the rising sun
I be breakin' brothers down and suprising 'em
With my lyrical prophocies, no one's stopping me
Cause I magnify words to high velocity
Sing this, do you know where you're going to?
Do you like the things that life is showing you?
Where are you going to?

I rise like the sun sometimes, but then I fall
And like a black moon I rise when the night falls
And when the night falls, the mic illuminates
And it's the ultra-violet rays that keep me rising on my mission

I take a penny for your thoughts, a nickel for your desire
I got the vocab to set the world on fire
Now I remember laying back as a youth
Just looking at the sun, wondering about the truth
And how it's supposed to be
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And how at times if the music felt close to me
Rocking spots since the age of sixteeen
You know what I mean, as I grab the microphone,
come correct and hit the scene

So let it fly baby, let if fly baby
I got the vocal canibus to get you high baby
You know these brothers rock the spot when it's all said and done
Definetly represent because we rise like the sun


I'll save the vanity for your man and expanded to global spaces
You can see the cold heart looks on their faces
It's all a plan to exterminate the truest
Kos meditate like a microphone buddhist
Now, I'm not a teacher
Just trying to reach ya
I'll make you recognize
The sun will always rise
And even when the night falls, the moon illuminates brilliantly
It's all resellient, see
Sometimes I think about this world that we live in
And get fed up, and yo I think I want to give in
But it's the ultra-violet rays
Saving days
And stimulates my melonance
To eloquance


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