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Lil Dicky

Famous Dude

1:Lil Dicky]
It's like, these days dicky been up on his grind
Tryna spit a rhyme
Fly enough to get cracker signed
It's aight tho
I been typing all damn night bro
Kikes gotta write raps right, no typo
Nice flow
Best up in the game, no Michael
I guess I gotta wait for the fame, no lipo
But damn, if ya man had a hoard of fanbase
I'd have a lot to cover like a corpulent klan face
Go on some man dates
Wit D'Caprio and Drake
And make a man cave full of chronic and pancakes
A handshake's all I'm really wantin from LeBron tho
Think I'd rather get up wit his mom
And do it delonte, couple bottles of Andre
In pompei, getting dirtier than some laundry
I'm freakin that ho, just for Cleveland man
But first thing I'mma need some fans

Cuz little dicky tryna make that cake, like a balla do
And denigrate little wayne up at a bar-b-q
And I just wanna hit the floor wit pauly D
And cross swords up wit Tommy Lee
So where the muhfuckers drinkin the ciroc at
Where the fuck the rock at
Where the bad bitches on this mediocre cock atttt
I'm tryna make the move
From gay, lame, dateless jew to famous dude, ya dig?

First grade and I was thirsty
I was wantin fame up in the muthafuckin worst way
Word play, gotta get ya ya boy up on some first take
Skip Bay, Steve A, get up in they ass ya dig
If I'm celebbin then I'm getting wit mccadams's
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The hottest women on the muthafuckin planet kid
I'm tryna get up at Selena
Mess around wit mila
I remember when it was Christina
Genie up in a bottle, but now she couldn't fit up on a waterbed
I wanna score a ten imagine Natalie portman
And if she borin then, ill get a ride in ma DeLorean
And go before it, securing the whore I been adoring since
I was a teen, ya mean
Brittany spears, whacha doin
Couple years, dat career and dat metabolism ruined
Yain't know about me yet
But the future do
On youtube, I been getting some views

Ay, enough about a boo, ion't need a bitch
But I need a clique
Full a people Derek jeterish
Love the bieber kid
That's a hell of a dude
Well I ain't met him but his documentary was the truth
I'd holla back at snoop, drop a couple tracks in the booth
He'd prolly have me high enough to take a nap as I poop
I'm callin kobe Bryant up because I'm fucking wit his game
But it's such a shame, I can tell that muthafucka lame tho
Flame flow
Ain't nobody even know ma name tho
And all I wanna do is know if channing's really gay tho
All I wanna do is play Durant up in some Halo
Play shows, date hoes, where the fuck diddy at
Where lil dicky gonn spit at
And where the crib at
And where da rose gold shit at
I'm tryna get dat
I wish dat I was sitting courtside for games
And lickin on Kate Upton's titties