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Lil Dicky

Jewish Flow

Yeah... sounds kinda beautiful don't it?
Fair warning, I'm about to shit on it

Let's go, let's go, let's go

Okay now you already know that Dicky been about that flow all day
I used to beg to get blow J's, I'm over head now, stowaway
My team about that money tho, we scrappin fo that dummy dough
Don't act like das yo money ho, das nacho cheese das doritos
And I spit that hot shit all day long, gotta room full a hot chicks, no Krayshawn
And you know they blonde, got em in suede thongs
And they ass meat lookin like filet mignon
You can find me, back a da club I'm wylin
Shots in a mafuckan mug, I'm buyin
No I ain't a mafuckan thug, but I will cut a rug in this mafucka
Carpet violence
In the crib wit dat AC on
No fib, ya girl up in a lacy thong
Cuz the kid been known to make a racy song
Dicky got it goin on like I'm Stacy's mom
I'm higher than I ever been, flyer than a pelican
No lie see mo vagina than a common OBGYN
I'm ballin whatchu know bout that
In a purple charlotte throwback hat
And I merc these tracks when I heard this rap
Got me actin like I'm erkel, did I do that
Hell yeah I did, you know I do it
And the way they fallin for me like I'm boys wit cupid
In a truck wit a slut wit a butt, get a nut,
Call that bitch bill buckner the way she blew it
I'm high off weed and oxycodon
I'mma caffeine fiend takin shots a soda
Wish I was big pimpin on a yacht wit Hova
But I'm happy that ma girl lemme motorboat her
I make this shit look easy dude
I spit dat sick dat sneeze achu
And who knew that baddest was a
Nappy headed greasy Jew?

Dicky spit that Jewish flow
Lil Dicky spit that Jewish flow
Sicker than the holocaust
Dat muthafuckin jewish flow
That third reich raw
Concentration camp cold
Now we rollin in that mothafuckin dough
Das dat Jewish flow
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Dicky spit that Jewish flow
Lil Dicky spit that Jewish flow
Sicker than the holocaust
Dat muthafuckin jewish flow
That Auschwitz sick, gas chamber kinda shit
Now I got german bitches all up on ma dick
Das dat jewish flow

Blowin up, you know that's DI
Flowin since ya boy was knee high
Now im grown up and yall buggin cuz im buzzin like a beehive
Shout out to my city, Philly, big ups to PA
I went to college in VA but now I'm chillin by the bay
And I got ma shit on lock, cuz I ball like a jock
They attached to my balls, like a small little cock
No bullshit, dicky do it big no doubt
And ya girl in the whirpool, wet no draught
And she get so loud, I be like slow down
Lemme relish this shit girl, no kraut
And then I beat that like it was a title bout
And then I plant my seed that ho got plowed
Ew you so nasty, lil dicky you so nasty
I got green knees, why you keep yo crib so grassy?
I do it how I do it baby swag out the ass
And I'm shittin on you dick heads like a drag the asshooole
Don't cha know my girls DTF
And they pretty damn fine das PDF
I'mma open that, I'mma cum press that
I got Adobe Acrobat
Ma homies say that pussy takes a toll on dudes
But my EZ pass dick just slides right through ooo

You know that dicky bout to bubble up
Fresha than a mothafuck
I gotta gang a bitches, whatchu know about a cluster fuck
The back of the crack of that ass is poking outcha pants
I'mma crack from the back and ejaculate all on that ass
N'amsayin I'm cool ass mafucka try to see me
If you want ma life, better find a genie
In the club tryna choose, but I'm bein greedy
So you know I pick six like a deion TD
Cuz I got that swag that y'all don't have
Is that yo girl, das ma bad
The sickest shit out two lips, heavy flow, I spit vagina flaps