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Lemme Freak for Real Tho (Outro)

Lemme freak! (I don't give a damn what you playin right now, this is me comin at you as a man right now, lemme freak)

I'm talkin to ya (lemme freak Goddamn it lemme freak, just lemme freak)
Girl I smell that pussy across the room
There's no disrespect, they could make that shit perfume
Oh good God, I'm nasty
Don't look around girl, I'm lookin at you
What's good? I'm Dave
What's your name? Where you from? Who you with?
What's your policy on birth control? When were you last tested? Girl I gotta know
If you gon let me hit it raw, you gotta go
That would be crazy irresponsible

You know I only get with a bitch I mentally respect
We ain't even gotta fuck unless you and me connect
Minimally I'd like to ejaculate somehow though
Girl, I don't think I'm being unreasonable unless you that naive, that you thought this was a friend thing
I hope you not a freak so don't moan and spool your body soak and wet
My bad, I know I sweat (profusely)
Also, I won't fuck from the side girl, I'd lose like half my dick
Are you good about the pill?
Cuz even if it's foreplay, I should know that shits for real, girl I got hella pre-cum
Also, I'm wondering bout the way that you cum
Like is it external stimulation or penetration-based? Fuck it
You know I enjoy that way
But you know damn well, I just want my bed
They gon say I fell, I got blown away
I'm a hopeless romantic, girl I'm being dramatic but it's just the truth

Wait hold up, I should slow down
Don't even know you enough to go down
But if you want it we should go now
And we gon find out if it's great or it's strange

Oh girl, I could get you 4 to 8 minutes
Won't force the issue
Bitch it's too crowded
So girl if you bad then just give me that signal
But make it a loud one, I'm awful at this, hoe on the low, you [fire?]cut the shit
Girl what you tryin to do?
I got candles, Nonpareils, and three condoms in my room
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The Nonpareils might be old as shit
Like they've been in there for a while
But fact of the matter is I don't want this to be no blip
I'd prefer to fall in love or swear I'm on some crazy shit. (crazy shit)
Like honestly, I need someone to save the kid. (save the kid)

It could be you but first you gotta let me freak, just lemme freak, just lemme freak again
Girl, what's wrong with you?
I need to freak
I need to freak
I need to freak
Like please let me freak
Like please let me freak
Please let me freak right now
Please lemme freak, lemme freak right now

Girl we could get married
Like we could be fuckin
A daughter named Bailey
That barely [?]
We gon eat so many goddamn meals
What's your name?
Girl, you better keep them dirty paws off my chicken lo mein

We'll talk the boundaries out together is all I'm sayin
And for the record girl I'll eat that pussy later
Like when I know you a little bit better
But for now it's just too intimate
Like it's too much
You don't even have to give me head either
Like I'm totally onboard with a hand job
Especially if there's like lube or some shit around
In a weird way, I actually prefer it to head
There's no guilt
No guilt at all
In fact, it feels just as good to me too if not better
I think it's a dick sensitivity issue
At the same time, there's no way you should complain about such a thing

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