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Aye y'all, on the real
I've been like over thinking everything these days
And I just wanted to come in today
And just have no plan and just make a song
So this song ain't about shit, it's just what I'm thinking

I should have done this before
I ain't got no plans for it, but it's fun to explore
I ain't got no pants on because I'm under record
I been some non-constrictive type of shit
I left my skinny jeans up on the floor of my adorable apartament
Pardon me, part of me, hard to believe
Retarded, part of me smart as a Harvard graduate deaggregate
Well above the averages, wondering where my salad is
I hate when they get salads but
It's hard for me to challenge that
I need to fucking balance all the crap that I devour
I been scouring the internet, been tryna find an intimate
Place to take an Tinder date
Straight up I'm amazed at how infrequently they pick me
I been spitting great, you think again my ass a dinner date
I'm thinking 'bout my gas, last I looked at that graphic, shit
Was creeping to the E, that's a terrible habit, man
Honestly, your boy been way to busy making dicky shit
Gotta rap, gotta get up on the map, gotta get a nap
Gotta get it cracking and get a plaque
Gotta go attract the masses but it's such molasses going
Slow as slow can go
I don't even know if I could wait
I just wanna run but I'm growing out of shape
In my PJ's being DJ, hit a replay, tryna get a little leeway
Overthinking every little thing, it's crazy
You ain't got to be rapping so crazy, just to persuade the nation
That you know how to be rapping amazing
Bro, on occasion you should let it go and let your brain flow
And say whatever come into... oh my God, that girl's so hot

Suck my dick, ho, suck my dick
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Suck my dick, ho, suck my dick
Come suck my dick, ho, suck my dick
Or at the very least, touch my dick

Okay, excuse my libido
But the titties on that girl, homie, holy toledo
I just wanna see the world, think of all of it's people
I'm living so regal but wonder what I'd see through a peephole
Into Kinsacha or some shit, impossible but
It's probable they got a lot of people feeling some stuff, so
Oddly enough, I could probly become a buff
I bet they got a show up on Discovery but fuck it
I don't really care, out of tupperware, plus I'm out of underwear
I swear that doing laundry such a process I don't wanna bare
I want a bear that I can train, just imagine pouring rain
And comin' home and there's a panda snoring on the floor
That you can hug and praise, hundred days
Since I fucked that lady, don't play me, it's crazy
But I stay in, unless they play shit, rotten tomatoes
Lable eighty seven, the higher I are I admire art
Well, certain kind of art, I hate them paintings that
I swear that your boy can make and I'm tryna get in shape
With a gate when they visit Dave in LA
What a shame vaca days is dead to me
Instead dude, get bread to them
My best moves at your venues and my set playing in your bedroom
That's head to me, real shit and my hand doing real slick
Cause I swear to y'all, I ain't plan for this
It's new territory, but it's real shit
And I'm real pissed this took an hour
Instead of days, but it's amazing
What's spontaneity, do for ya
And if you don't like it, you can...

I like the way this came out, that hook is fire
You know what I'm saying?
That hook is the easiest hook I ever made in my fucking life
And that shit is, that shit goes, I gotta do this shit more often