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Nightcore - Continuous Mix, Pt. 1

Love or self, you have to choose - is it I, or is it you?
'Very well, the choice is yours' - and with your glimpse...

Well, 'love' is what we give, and 'love' is what we get,
So I would have to say, we're quite a happy set
Our intuitions off, we love each other still
'Ego,' or else, 'we go'? Let's be sure to make this clear...

I'm doing this all for you; 'I'm doing this all for me'?
Dare say that about our love, and mister, I'll have to do away with you...

Love or self? Still if you choose, I and you have naught to lose;
In the end, we're still just fine to keep on smiling all the time
If this world's a loveless one, and we're to keep living on,
Then where it is that you must be, is anywhere but here with me
So then, I wonder - is your choice all up to this:
Are you choosing with your 'egoselfishness'?

'love' is what so captivates us,
Yet this 'love' at times leads to loathing
It's a choice to be made as a pair, but it's one of us who has to die
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Both our selves are selfish still, gasping breathless for some air;
'Who do you think you are?'
'Thanks, it was delectable!'

'I'm doing this all for you, I'm doing this all for me...'
Well, 'doing it for us both,' I'm going to hide my face and cry my eyes out...

'Love and self,' this I decide, and so here is my reply:
No one's murder shall be done; instead, us two shall be as one
'I'm doing this all for you', 'I'm doing this all for me';
Let us have them be good friends, and hold each other to the end...

'Love and self' - now that we know, I and you are free to go
To smile and laugh, and more than those, we'll also cry, if so we chose
If this world's a loveless one, and we're to keep living on,
There's nowhere for us two to be, not anywhere that I can see
So then, I wonder - does our choice come down to this:
Does our 'egoselfishness' make it exist?

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