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Let Down

I've been so good to you
Whatever you need
Not there for me
Expecting you to be
A remedy
Doin what you please
Still makin me sick
At the thought of you and me
I stay with you
Then leave you for a week
Don't answer calls
Or you're hung up on me
I'm by the phone
And I wish I could breathe

I'm so good for you
But you're so bad for me

And it's hard to believe
That it's me that you're missing
Now you're trying to speak
And I don't wanna listen

Cause you're a let down
Let down

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Gimme one reason to make it right
Anything at all for another try oh oh
Cause you're a let down
A let down

Almost feel bad for you
You got my sympathy
I'm sober now
And I can finally see
With clarity
Yeah I can agree
You can take the heat
I'm sorry that I'm weak

I hate myself
For putting up with all your pointless fights
You were out to cheat
I blocked the phone
I bet we can agree

I've been good for you
But you're so bad for me

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