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Sometimes I feel like I don't have
Nothing in this world but distress, anger, and wrath
The nearly unbearable pain and agony
Turning me insane, gradually
I'm in the zone
It's like I'm millions of miles from home
But still I'm right here, with tears in my eyes
It feels like I've cried for light years, yeah...

Wishing upon falling stars...

Another story for another tear
A thousand tears start to...
Another story for another tear
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A thousand tears start to fall...

Empty moments, hope is stolen
One more love that might have been
And the soul mates scatter
Another candle on the water
A million hearts
Wishing upon falling stars

(Why does it hurt so?)
Every teardrop (teardrop) has a journey (a journey)...
Through your heart and mind... (yeah)
More (yeah)...more (yeah)...more (yeah)...more (yeah) tears...
A million hearts wishing upon falling stars...

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