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When we arguin', it's just me and me
I was hardly home, workin' 3 to 3, seems like another time
Feels like another time, there will be another time
I'll get to, forget you

[Verse 1]
But, you just walked in
Once you get to talkin', how I lost it
Hard to call it all my fault, mama
Tried to keep you out that drama, mama
Was it all bad? (Yeah)
I was laughin' cause you met, ha
Tell me where he at now? (Where he at?)
Somewhere in the trap now
Wonder why he trap now

You was a rich bitch, probably need a rich nigga too
And if you think about me, I'm 'bout to think about you
Me and you cheer for my Lamborghini flexin'
Workin' in the East but you know we in the West End
Name another nigga hustle hard like me
With a heart like me
Just a young nigga with the time like me
You should shine like me
Run that nigga, you don't want that nigga
But I need a bad bitch that's hotter than me
You can hardly admit

I'm still tryna fuck, with you
Girl I wanna fuck with you (with you)
Yeah yeah I'm tryna fuck you, girl, I'm tryna fuck with you
Tryna fuck you girl, I'm tryna fuck with you
I wanna fuck you girl, you know I fuck with you
I wanna fuck you girl, let me roll with you
Girl I wanna fuck with you


[Verse 2]
Go ahead, go ahead, go and ask Billie Jean who's the one?
Let the truth be told, I don't believe you know what I want
Girl if it's a plan you like, I know the bands you like
Know the strands you like, know the brands you like
What kind of man you like? Wanna expand your life

[Pre-Hook]+ [Hook]

So you fuckin' with a real one
Now you fuckin' with a real one
Somebody should have told you
I wanna fuck with you

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