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[Verse 1]
Met you in Houston, but you're from Atlanta
No you're from Pennsylvania or somethin'
Fuck all I know is, you're hot and you know this
You make it easy to blow this, you know this, damn
Twerkin' her ass for me
Shaped like a glass for me
It's like God knew what I liked
Damn right, I know what I like
Sex tape selfie you an actress
Tryna get you wet like a baptist

Girl I need all your love right now, but I'll wait
Cause I don't wanna seem like I'm hatin'
Baby girl, I really ain't hatin'
You've got options and I'm here to let you know

You know you got options, babe
Yeah you got options, babe
Know you got options, babe
PARTY is an option, babe
Fuck the hug and kisses, babe
This is for my real bitches
Girl you got options
Tell that hatin' nigga shut the fuck up

Tell that hatin' ass nigga to shut the fuck up
Tell that hatin' ass nigga to shut the fuck up
Fuck all the huggin' and kisses, I fuck all they bitches
Shorty but you not a bitch, you the one I get money with

And you like intrigue me, like you make me want more, like you make me wanna like be with you. And I don't know how you do it, because no, I've never felt like this about a guy, cause the guys are so fucking clingy and annoying to me, it pisses me off, they do everything to make me want them, you do the total opposite, you do everything to make me like you more...

[Verse 2]
You hardly smoke but you wanna smoke my drugs
Don't know how to love but you somehow get by love
Férina 12 we sip and talk gunplay
Church Sunday mornin' and then club until Monday
Oh lord, findin' your groceries, your pimp in the parkin' lot
Trip after trip cause you know that you talk a lot
Laughing the whole way, I pull out like SKRRRRT
I got drugs, I got lean, does it look like I care?
Cuttin' the cake, I got ice on the Rollie
High as I am, don't get stopped by the police
Ride that dick, girl ride it like it's a pony
Hot right now, what do you don't wanna call me

[Pre-Hook]+ [Hook]

They sleepin' on you, they sleepin' on you
They sleepin' on you, they sleepin' on you
They sleepin' on you, they sleepin' on you (you)
You just wanna drink and shit
He just wanna think and shit
Always wanna fuck and shit
Always show me love and shit
You just wanna smoke and shit
Tell me when to roll it up and shit
You be on the road and shit
Tellin' niggas 'no' and shit