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You like when you fuck with mimosas?
Yea, yo I love champagne, I love champagne

She call me Private PARTY SLS
She fuck with Khaled just cause we the best
IPhone go silent like I ain't need the stress
Fuck that shit, you know I need the sex

[Verse 1]
I'm with a stripper and we in the church
Don't tell my damn mama where you work
Hit the corner, girl we leave at ten
Told my nigga that you'd bring a friend
Yeah, you still fire, I ain't need a BIC
I got money, I don't need a bitch
He yo' snitch, she yo' snitch now
Niggas telling on me to my bitch now

A lot of niggas in the game but I can not vouch for 'em
Niggas ball, but is he ballin' for you?
He your ex, I'm your ex too
Shawty I never could talk shit you know I got it for you


[Verse 2]
Don't I make it work?
She said knowing me I'd probably make it hurt
On your grandma and you momma life
Promise you gon' make it out this shit alive
Marry rich cause girl we came from nothin'
She learned that shit just from her older cousin
Bust a U-ie, well baby get to busting
Party on her fingernails for when she finger fucking

[Pre-Hook]+ [Hook]+ [Verse 1]+ [Pre-Hook]