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Rich Gang

Paint Tha Town

Yeah, bigger than life, YMCMB
Flashy life, yeah - BLAAAT~!

Red everything, red Bentley
Chop a nigga down and tell his momma red sent me
Rag in my pocket, what color is that motherfucker?
Same color as your insides motherfucker
You know we bang money, bang bang bang money
Holla at you soo woo, that's the new slang dummy
And when we hit the club we come in with them trash bags
For the money motherfucker, Wall Street cash

Red Jag, hop in with my red flag
Pretty red bitch, with my teeth tatt
Highly respected, stuntin' in my digital dash
Stay fly out the pawn Young Money Cash
We bang money, bang bang bang money
Cash Money Young Money bitch we flip cash
Blood line on my bloods see we see and smash
Tommy guns, AKs nigga spit and dash
High life, carbine with a extra mag
Hit the curve, bad bitch nigga dick and dash
My life has never been the same since the cash
My life ain't been the same since I bust his ass
Tear drop gangster, high life gangster
Cash Money Young Money bitch we the gangsters (believe dat)
You find me on the chopper
With my chopper non-stopper, check the roof bitch already chop em
We laughing to the bank bitch
High life, more money in the bank bitch
You know we do it 24's, shit
More hoes out the pound when we blow bitch


Run up on this Bentley, wish a motherfucker would
I leave yo ass in Louisiana off in the woods
Choppa Sinister City, bad boy since the Diddy
And my Phantom like a strip club - ass and titties
I fuck rats, top models and regular hoes
Take a ball player bitch and that's in my regular clothes
And you could have her back, I don't swear hoes
I put that on my hood like the crown on the cadillac
Tear drop gangster, only got one
But if I counted all the bodies they drip to my Louis Vuitton
All red Yeezy's, yeah the flame edition
The say I'm out of my mind like I got a cocaine addiction
Cause when I was young I had Young Money
Niggas try to stretch me out so I tatted it on my tummy
Never been a scholar, far from a dummy
But you disrespect my clip I let the chopper red rumming
Yeah, and we bang money, bang bang bang money
50 round drum a nigga try to take this chain from me
You was go and kill me I'd already be dead
Don't make me come to your hood and paint that motherfucker red


[Lil Wayne]
Cincinnati reds hat, tilt that bitch to the right
You know how them bullets travel, motherfucker book a flight
Choppa made them niggas dance, motherfuckin' boogie nights
All of you suckas pussy, none of you pussy's tight
I rep that red flag, that's right that red flag
I still got blood money, I'm counting red cash
I'm in my skinny jeans, with my red Vans
I'm with a bad bitch, with a red ass
Talk crazy nigga, highway to heaven
Automatic start, automatic weapon
Momma need a dress, you gon' need a reverend
I let Marley shoot 'em, cause I'm an convicted felon
Sharp shooter nigga, yeah, shots perfect
You ever gargle blood? Bubble up and burp it
I'm in that new coupe, bald head nigga
I'm Piru, all red nigga

[Outro: The Game]+ (Birdman)
EEEEEEEY~! (yeah, this that uptown classic)
Black Wall, Cash Money paint the town red (swagga flashy life)
Yeah, we paint the town red (5 Star G)
I tell em motherfuckers, EEEEEEEY~! (ya understand me? YMCMB)
Black Wall, Cash Money paint the town red (high life, bigger than life)
Yeah, we paint the town red (C4, yeah, hit yo town)
Tell 'em holla at me (hit yo' town in these whips)
(Sun shining - BLAAAT~!)
(Yeah, like new money; one hunnid)

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