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Rich Gang

Keep It Goin

Show me how to keep it going (x3)

[Verse 1:Young Thug]
Showing love to these bitches
As I take off like a missile
These niggas mugging when they see us
So I clutch on all my pistols
Plus I come through smoking loud like a whistle
Looking down from the cloud in my rearview
These pussy niggas want a slice like Kimbo
And I freeze them all Sub Zero

Dynasty Dynasty
These bitches climb on me, climb on me
That's mine, I want the whole 90 G's
All my niggas feasting yes dining please
I put on my ice and they liking this
Fuck her fast nitrogen, nitrogen
Roar bitch Lion King, Lion King
I got more water than Tennessee

Then I take it off and pour it on her like a coach
Playing with my money bitch you fired, you a roach
Straight up in that vintage it's just Chanel, no Coach
Put the little bitch in time out no spoke

Why the fuck a nigga rollin my weed and leave it open?
And I'm cooking all white nigga no portions

I cannot be worried 'bout no bitch
Cause I know a bitch could be somewhere sucking a dick (Aye!)
You like 'Where the hell is yo bitch?'
Meanwhile yo bitch like 'Where the hell is yo clique?'(Aye!)
I can't buy you pearls, buy your shit
I got 3 boys, and 3 girls, with a bitch(Aye!)
Diamonds yellow like corn on the Cob
I can't buy you shit unless you got a blow job

Big Homie show me how to keep it going
I can't be no lick like no motherfucking tongue, ay
Big Homie tell me how to keep it going
Milk these lil bitches like I'm motherfucking farm, ay
Big Homie show me how to keep it going
I can't be no lick like no motherfucking tongue ay
Big Homie tell me how to keep it going
(Sips Lean)

[Verse 2 Young Thug]
A nigga riding with the top off
And now I need a new Hairdo
Bitch you know my diamonds wetter than a sink
Everytime I come around them bitches faint
Baby Ima sing to you like tank
Baby I want you to dry me like I'm paint
Spl Spl Spl Splack on the other side
If you bout to die nigga tell me would you ride
Let a nigga play I pull up with a whole tribe
Flood your wrist with lots of karats cause you're [?]
100 rounds on that motherfucker (GAH GAH GAH WOOH!)
I get respect whenever I land in New York
Like Bobby Shmurda nigga

It's a shame how I yell at these niggas don't lose my voice
It's a shame how my ice so cold but I leave these bitches moist
I swear to God baby you're the people's choice
And When I get home right before I go to sleep I wake up my little boy
And I tell him


Show me how to keep it going, long as you show me I'ma keep it going (x4)