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Rich Gang

Tell Me Why ft Drake

[Intro:Rich Homie Quan (Drake)]
Rich Homie Quan
(Reps Up, OVO)
Rich Homie Quan
(You already...)

[Verse 1: Drake]
All my niggas so hungry, man they just eat what they kill
I like convertible Bentleys and houses deep in the Hills
I might tell the whole crew come through
My squad gotta roll through come through
Tell the young high school kids keep dreamin'
Because they sure do come true
Then I say: this that fuckin' mob shit, this that fuckin' player shit
This that shake a bottle up and bust the top and spray the shit
Bitches gettin' dugout like where all the fuckin' players sit
And like you just got traded
Girl you don't know who you're playin' with
Oh yeah, oh yeah, my sound is what up right now
I've been down, but I'm up right now
Nigga been backstrokin' and breaststrokin'
Through that lane that you left open
Man I don't give a fuck right now
Let a nigga swim in the pussy on the low
'Bout to go drown in the cup right now, holla

[Hook: Rich Homie Quan]
I don't know what it was about you
Like blue you left me without a clue
(I pictured the fate, is it true?)
Cause I try to make this shit work
(But it seems like is it your feelings
You kept them hatin' bitches all in our business)
But I just got one question baby:
Tell me why?

[Verse 2: Rich Homie Quan]
Started from the bottom like Drake said
You the type of nigga get robbed wanna play dead
My squad'll kick in your door where that safe at
No Atari, games girl I don't play that
If she broke on that [?], everything I say I follow up
What you talkin' 'bout? Ummmm, Polo shirt, my collar up
Drippin' on these hoes
Ain't by myself, it's a lot of us
Made a little money, still ain't got enough
And if you got a nigga dead, put your lighter up
Eyes open, don't say nothin'
Motor geeked up like a razor
You don't know me, you must mistake me
For somebody else
But it's somethin' about you that I fell in love with
Your ex nigga, fuck him
I had to tell her that

[Hook: Rich Homie Quan]

[Outro: Rich Homie Quan]
Question, baby, tell me why
One question, baby, tell me why