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Lasting Impression (feat. Wayna)

Maryland, yall got me cuz (Yeah!)
Sub & The Stuy come rock with us (Yeah!)
DC, yall got me cuz (Yeah!)
HiPNOTT in the spot come rock w/ us (Yeah!)
Eh, VA yall got me cuz (Yeah!)
You know this joint ji crank come rock with us (Yeah!)
Worldwide get live with us (Yeah!)
Turn the volume way up come rock with us (Yeah!)

Can't end before it begins
No one does it alone and we too old to play pretend
This is for my supporters fans family and friends
Wifey for sticking by me like we was Siamese twins
Last line was generic, my status ain't that's apparent
Came up on the low like I be shopping in clearance
And I do, 'cause my biz more important than my appearance
Shouldn't judge by the cover but you can tell this shit serious!
The past is always present in the future!!!
I ain't going nowhere but up
Was naming your favorite rapper 'fore you was lookin'em up
Advising some legends 'fore you acknowledge my presence
Marathoning these sprinters while minimizing my effort
Maximizing my gains a rapper thats gots some brains
Flew my family out the country for $200 and some change
I be stacking them miles I'm frequently on them fliers
When you stay above the clouds it's easy to take it higher
Lets go... go... go... go... go... eh!
Battle tested and approved
Yall were bodied in your party, asphyxiated your crew
Kinda shit we use do when dudes battled over rhythms
Beatbox, lunch table or a trash radio system
Handclaps, DJ... but eventually I moved on
'Cause unlike bammas nowadays I make pretty good songs
I never shuck and jive for muthaphucas live
I make the type of music that help people reconstruct their lives
I know yall love right, so keep it on repeat...
Still climbing like I don't know a peak
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Flowing like you disabled, you sounding like you don't know a beat
Rockin the ark when paired with loops dirtier than Noah's feet
Couldn't pay'em to notice me, now they pay 'cause they know it's me
Heads turning like rotaries, knowin' he's awesome totally
Exes who still ain't over me realigning their ovaries
Respected globally, now they lovin me locally
Urban legend, surely reppin MD you better know it, we here!

BRIDGE (Wayna)
How lucky to be
Apart of legacy
Now you can come with me
And we could be...

These songs are one part of my legacy
But time will tell what will come from these youngins that met me
Tan, yellow, white, red, ebony, armed with verbal weaponry
Topple obstacles that stand between them and destiny
Haters, fakers and shottas, light takers and coppers
Who wanna eff up your chakras but don't let none of that stop ya
Live our dreams while we're awake now that's the mantra
When you carried the weight remember who was there to spot ya!
(Keep pushing… from the top!)

Wayna, you got me cuz (Yeah!)
I appreciate you, Queen for rocking with us (Yeah!)
Kokayi, you got me cuz (Yeah!)
My brother from another mother be rockin' w/ us (Yeah!)
QN5, yall got me cuz (Yeah!)
Still holding me down, they rockin' with us (Yeah!)
Worldwide get live with us (Yeah!)
Let The Stuy take us home come ride with us! (Yeah!)

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