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Substantial【 7 albums 68 lyrics 】
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Album name Release Date  Song    
The Past Is Always Present In The Future 2017
2.Wish U Were Here (feat. Steph the Sapphic Songstress)
3.Lasting Impression (feat. Wayna)
4.Tony Stanza (feat. Tonedeff and Marcus D)
5.The 4our Fors (feat. Greenspan)
6.It Could Happen
7.In My Daughter's Eyes (feat. Jsoul)
9.No Better Time (feat. Cise Starr and DJ Jav)
10.Black of All Trades (V2)
11.Party with Purpose (feat. Steph the Sapphic Songstress)
12.The Sub Way (feat. Precious Joubert)
13.MLK (Dream Big) 2.0 (feat. See King and Matthew Shell)
14.No Turning Back 2.0 (feat. Uyama Hiroto)
15.Made in Maryland (feat. Steph the Sapphic Songstress and DJ Jav)
16.Always (feat. Fjer)
The Past 2015
1.Follow The Master
2.MLK (Dream Big) feat. See King
3.Late Pass (feat. Von Pea)
4.No Turning Back
5.Priceless (feat. DJ Jav)
6.Before Sunrise (Provided)
Art Is Where The Home Is 2014
1.Resilient (Marcus D Remix)
2.Make Up Sex (Deacon The Villain Remix) feat. Deacon The Villain & Steph, The Sapp
3.Neighborhood Watch (The Other Guys Remix) feat. Acem (of Gods'Illa)
4.Grateful (A June & J Beat Remix) feat. Kokayi & Kenn Starr
5.Movin' Alright (A June & J Beat Remix) feat. yU (Provided)
6.Shit On My Lawn (A June & J Beat Remix) feat. DJ G.I. Joe
7.See Hear (Sean Toure' Remix) feat. Steph, The Sapphic Songstress
8.The Verge (Haruka Nakamura Remix) feat. Steph, The Sapphic Songstress
9.Check My Resume? (5-D Remix) feat. DJ Jav
10.Make Believe (Black Sinatra Remix)
11.Check My Resume? (Live at the Boiler Room) feat. Sound of the City (Provided)
12.Make Believe (P.R Remix) (Provided)
13.Love Lost feat. Jsoul
14.See Hear (Live at the Boiler Room) feat. Sound of the City
Jackin’ Jill 2013
1.Blessed (Unofficial Remix) (Provided)
2.Warmed Up (feat. Dominion)
3.Be Ready (Unofficial Remix) (Provided)
4.Intrepid (feat. Serenity) (Provided)
5.Hate On Me (Provided)
6.BBQ (Family Reunion Remix) (Provided)
7.Oh Sea (Provided)
8.Jsoul's Jill Story (Interlude) (Provided)
9.Would You Be Mine (Love Rain Remix) (Provided)
10.Cross My Mind (Provided)
11.Bedda At Home (U Ain't Fly) (Provided)
12.Talk 2 Me (Provided)
13.Whenever You're Around (Unofficial Remix) (Provided)
14.Especially Different (Provided)
15.Golden Lady (Provided)
16.Would You Mine (Provided)
Home Is Where the Art Is 2012
1.Spilled Milk
2.See Hear
3.Mr. Consistent
4.Neighborhood Watch
6.Check My Resume
7.Make Believe
8.Make Up Sex
9.Shit On My Lawn
10.The Verge
To This Union A Sun Was Born 2001
1.If I was your M.I.C
1.Ain't No Happy Ending
3.Blessing It

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