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(2x) The past is always present in the future

Do remember, I am a true descendant
Of people who were stolen and traded all for the riches
But I can't play the victim, I'm told to just forget it
While they dwell on 9-11 and celebrate independence
But I'm suppose to clear my memory of all the lynching
Shit, I cringe at the thought of giving my daughter whippings
Plus I see the name that owned my family every time I write a check
So how the fuck am I s'posed to forget
When we ain't safe in churches or even when we comply
The ones paid to protect us are making sure that we die
They say we kill ourselves we still cheat and we rob
But what's that have to do with these cops doing their job
And if you really cared 'bout the welfare of my people
You'd make sure that the schools for all children were equal
Fear competition so they had to rig the game
Scared if we catch up that we'd do their ass the same
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Know they deserve it, but they ask what would Jesus do
Bet my bottom dollar he wouldn't be down with you
He was the wrong shade, you'd probably do'em the same
Shoot'em seven times while tryin to give his name
Right in front of his kids, body with the chrome
Labeled a threat when all he tried to do is get'em home
All I'm saying, a future minus our past can never exist
Y'all make sure your baby listen to this! Wake'em up!

(2x)The past is always present in the future
(2x)The past [Born a King]is [Raised a slave]always [Niggers to Gods]present in the future [Cradle to grave]

Born a King. Raised a slave.
Niggers to Gods. Cradle to grave.
Shall be redeemed. We shall be praised.
Never will scars outweigh our grace!

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