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Twisted Insane( Michael Johnson )

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Twisted Insane( Michael Johnson )

Sweet Dreams

Murder, bloody murder, nigga
Murder, bloody murder, bitch

People say I remind them of Michael
Myers, rippin' niggas up with pliers like I'm psycho
Smash 'em with the mask on, KILL 'EM
Then hit the freeway gas and pass you niggas, my tank filled up with nitro
Ain't nobody fuckin' with me when I was dead broke
A bum sleepin' on a park bench with nothin' to smoke
Askin' I would ask can I just take a toke
And everyone of you motherfuckers would all try to get ghost

And now all the sudden niggas wanna act like they my best friend
Roll blunts up for the shows and free bottles of Hen'
You can find a nigga with a bitch up in the back
And that's some bullshit I ain't fuckin' with
Drunk with a big pump, 'bout to sin
Hit a nigga with the one-two like I'm Popeye off spinach
Always the one poppin' it out, don't stop till I'm finished
Humphrey Bogart, I go hard, these niggas think they so hard
I reach up in they soul and make 'em show me they limits

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Walkin' like a scene from your nightmare, I'm right there
With a chainsaw, you look like you just saw a ghost
Everybody and they motherfuckin' mama know, I will go
All up into your spot and be doin' the most
Bloodstains when the slugs came, nigga, silverback gorilla shit
Really get my rocks off when the sawed off's just killin' shit
Black mamba venomous, hangin' like an orangutan
Bangin' all you niggas with this silverback gorilla shit

Ugly as Chewbacca but I'm a doctor with this wordplay
Annoying as them niggas in malls askin' you for surveys (surveys)
Run up in you and hit you in the worst way
And I don't really give a shit if it's your motherfuckin' birthday
Never really gave a fuck though, I'm cutthroat, leanin'
People comin' at me everyday for the new shit, they fiendin'
Quit your daydreamin'
Twisted Insane ready to hit your muthafucking brain up, I am the Last Demon!

I am the Last Demon!

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