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Twisted Insane( Michael Johnson )

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Twisted Insane( Michael Johnson )

Die Slow

[Verse 1:Twisted Insane]
I wasn't at home
Sitting with the 40 and I get to
Reminiscing, checking message on my phone
As I get to look and seeing what it was, I get to dreaming
Cause it was the bitch and she was saying she was gone!?
Wait, hold up, what you talking 'bout? I must've heard you wrong!
Is you fucking with a nigga? Bitch, I really up and kill him!
Then I get to finding out when I was on the road that you was out there
Being home and bringing niggas 'round my children
(Around my motherfucking kids?!?!)
Bitch, you really got some nerves, like you really never heard
Of the words that I say inside a verse, I will curse you
Nobody fucks around on my emotions
You was thinking it was funny, I will put you in a hearse!
And I made a voodoo doll and it was looking like you, really
But you must think I am silly, I am serious to death...
Do us part, don't let me start on all that wicked shit
I bring the gloom and doom onto you if you ever fucking left...
Standing over you when you're asleep at night
I'm 'bout to put a knife up in your chest
What you really thought, that you can go and fuck a nigga and there'll
Be no repercussion, but you really think you're blessed?
Did you really do the sex? Did he make you cum, get it from the back?
Did you suck his dick, like you do me?
So you got to gobbling, prob'ly with swallowing, fuck him and feed him
Now you're wishing that you never knew me
Cause I really fucking put you in a horror movie
When they ask who hit it, tell them Black Widow did it
Fuck your life, I'd take it with my hands, if I could
But I really think, I should put a scalpel up in it
And I'm finna just take his Adam's apple and split it
But, if I really did it, then the music is gone
And, I don't want to fuck around and lose my career
For a stupid ass bitch, so I put it in a song
But, what about the motherfucking kids and the stories
They be telling me about the niggas you're sucking at night?
You be thinking they be sleeping, when they really peeking at you
While you're on your knees, sucking random niggas' pipes
Walk up in the room, it's your doom, hit the lights
With the twist of my knife, you'll be laying in blood
Brains in my fitted, I remain hella wicked
Put a bullet in my chamber, put a bitch up in the mud
Die slow!

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