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Twisted Insane( Michael Johnson )

The Last Demon

Felt like I was dreamin'
Finally I had a roof and that was proof that I could do it like a He-Man
If I can make it, I'ma tell you anyone can make it
I was naked wit' no money lookin' bummy, barely breathin'
Wake up in the alley or the playground slide
Broken shoes up on my feet and I don't got no ride
Not a penny and my stomach is talkin' and tellin' me to hurry up and get to eatin'
Nigga you will die
No weed scrapin' pipes and scrap like I was Tyson
Fucka what you think, I spent my whole life fightin'
Steaming up inside I'd rather hurry up and ride and put a whistle in his eye
Battle axe him like a viking
The last of my kind
I will not be here forever all I hope is that my music passes through time
The dark side is in me
I'm a demon maybe that's the reason that I always have these passions of crime
Puttin' a message in my rhyme never let nobody tell you that you shit
Fuck 'em and you tell 'em that I said it
Every time I go and do a show they on my mothafuckin' dick
Bitches used to tell me that I was pathetic
That's some funny shit ain't it?
Even saw 'em faint and plus I'm signin' bitches titties, what you trippin' off a me?
Even tho' I look up in the mirror and I see the same nigga who was broke and dirty sleepin' in the street
Different shoes up on my feet nigga, nobody'll know
The process servers lookin' for me at my show
I might get murdered every time I hit the door
I go hamburger wit' my dick up in these hoes
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My life's been fucked everybody think it's cool, but mothafuckas'll never understand how I grew up
What I went through
I done witnessed all the type of shit that make a normal nigga just spew guts
Fucked in the winter, always stuck with no dinner
I really never knew when the demon did enter
It must have been the way that I was treated
Tied up and beaten, threw up in the closet with splinters
I give the type of pain I was given as a kid
I'm the one that got to sleep at night just knowin' what I did
All I saw was gunfire, niggas gettin' hit
Bodies droppin' no-one stoppin' even though it's little kids
This the type ah shit I lived through
My parents never gave a shit, always actin' like I was a bother
So a nigga looked to the heat
Jumped in with 2 feet, fuck it now the streets is my father
No record label wanted to sign this nigga, said fuck everybody I'ma do it for myself
Put my shit up on the shelf and I did it with no help
Now the whole world sayin' where they find this nigga
Sleepin' in the dirt I remind these niggas
I been doin' this shit so long with no days off
After fifteen mothafuckin' years, I can finally say this shit here starting to pay off
A spider in the night, a once in a lifetime human being what you need a reason from me?
Reason to breathe?
Take a look into the eyes of death and homie you will only see The Last Demon!

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