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All Night

Yeah and girl its all how you feel
Face in a pout blue steel
You know I gotta have some
So Ima get you home and show you magnum
Uh, cuause that's whats you came for
Its the reason you scream my name for
Its that good lovin' that I aim for
Maybe the only woman that I could change for
When its me and you I feel right
Its a cold dark world finally gone bright
And that's alright, no shit its fuckin' great
Workin' all day, yo body's worth the wait
Yeah I'm that dude you confide in
Plus I get you wetter than Poseidon
And when you ridin' my whole world stops
Yup, and then the beat drops
Keep a steady pump, Reeboks
This life's fucked up and you my detox
Our love's enough, you don't even need rocks
I'm like Rahzel on ya I beatbox, ha
But I hate when you're in bed alone
Cause lately the studios been feelin' like home
And that's alright, you already know we gon' go all night
Cause I been thinking bout me, and you
All the things, we gon' do
I'm gonna get deep, deep inside
I could go once
I could go twice
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Baby I could go all night
Ain't it a special thing that we got now
Like rollin' round with the top down
Its our time for the journey from the ground floor
The only thing you'll be wishin' is I'm around more
Yeah cause we could have it all
Livin' so fly that we may never fall
We could find another planet
I'll grab a star like Timberlake on Janet
Yeah its exactly like we planned it
The best for my girl, I demand it
So I wonder how do you rap whats never wrote?
I be that dude you never heard of but you love to quote
Any hard times, we move passed it
I live the world like, Leo mapped it
But this dream world, yeah its real life
And the way its goin' now its Feelin real nice
Yeah, she gimme nothin' but respect
Make her feel loved start kissin' on her neck, oh
And she love the way I rap
Bring her to the bed room and lay her on her back
Yeah, all that good feelin' let it in
She go crazy when I get it in
Ima marathon runnin' your mind
Screamin' out 'let's do it one more time'

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