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Pipe Dreams

Culture found you, and you found me
Outlined a nation staked claim to boundaries
A rulebook written by a bunch of execs
That makes it ok for your daughter to have sex
Now, what I aim to do is explain to you this prophecy
I'm in no shape to use my brain that's why I'm drinkin' Coffee, see?
Effectively we've taught monkey see, monkey do
If celebrities do it, I will follow you

It's true we need no role models
'Cept when the rents be home hittin' on the #7 old bottle
I've gone full throttle, look and try to let em see
You gon' be just like those drunk sluts out on MTV
So believe that wasn't a role they had to fill
Generations lost, deserted, and killed
So alert I got chills
They stay poppin' pills
Answer ADD for problems
Then get prescriptions filled

La, da, da…

Life's like a poker game you wait for the next tell
No one answers questions, so you push to talk like Nextel
Hold for the next bell, round, wait it out:
Cowboys up, airlines down, how does that feel?
Bush removed gambling sites, left stock markets
I put my money there but I swear he stops markets
Used to be at Ralph Lauren saying 'please charge it,'
Now he's got a common customer card at Target
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I am one who prefers all of these old jobs
George W. sucks, I like the one who got blow jobs
Cause he gave a shit if we retain or we blow jobs
But now we get no brain, because we got no jobs
Wrap me up, you can gift me
Save money on a rental car, shop thrifty
Upgrade your shit B
Just how you wish be
Spin your Xbox, now you got a 360

I don't know if you can experience this pain like blunt trauma
Experience victories like Barack Obama
Politician or political I don't know if you get physical
Cause when I get to askin' you get quizzical
But answers, aren't as easy to come by
If you ain't closin' your mind, yeah
And answers ain't as easy to come by
When you are off behind your
Fame, fame or fortune

You don't know bout me
When I found you
I don't know if you can find your way home
'But I try to'
I know you try to
But I don't know if you understand that I would die to

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