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The Chase

The chase is on, I find
Everywhere I'm runnin' to, I run blind
Thinking that I'll catch my break
Dreaming that it might be fate
But I don't believe in that
It's so hard to find my path
I'm so locked down let me fly
From here, I don't know
I wanna live fast, I'm movin' too slow
Life's too short, ha, I know that
I'm runnin' in place can't find where I'm at
There's no supposed to or ought'a be
I live for everybody else I've forgotten me
I'm scared to chase
It's gettin' harder every second I waste
I know, that we gon' get it all
Flyin' so high, no we'll never fall
Yeah we, buzzin' to the stars
Watch the world turn yeah this universe is ours
I know, exactly what you like
Yeah we make it hot, spit this fire right
Now we, ridin' on the bass
You already know that the chase… is on
Now I know what I'll do
Been searchin' so long yeah, just to find you
Time for me to make this right
Time for me to start this fight
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Cause baby I will, change this game
And everyone will, know my name
I'm thinkin' now's a good time to start…
Even though they ain't ready I'm thinkin' it's time that I go and drop to this
Cuz every time I rhyme I'm in my prime transformin' the flow like I'm Optimus
And I'm an optimist, cause seeing's believin' and yes you know that I got the gift
So when I'm on yo stage or in yo phones, I'm knowin' these cats can rock to this
So let's rock to this, no stoppin' this, yeah, cause you know we showin' up, and if
Timeflies is on it then y'all ready know it's blowin' up
Rez hit em, let em know what's up
Show em how we slow it up
I know I could see yo hands but I think it's time you throw em up
They lovin' everything
All the people say it's great
And I watch them lose they mind
When the Dolorean reaches 88
Yeah we travel back in time
I fuck the beat anyway you like I wrote the Kama Sutra, oh
I've run the numbers
But I'll let you do the math
With a flow that goes electro
Burnin' holes on anything in my path
We makin' gold like Midas might touch
Game plan as easy as roll up and light dutch
And on and on and on…

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