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Canibus( Germaine Williams )

Lost at C

Yo yo yo when you see that big ass c
you know im coming through
and when you know im coming thru
you know what im guna do,
i never said the battle with me
would be impossable.
i just think its highly muthafuckin improbable.
you talking to a nigga who can split molecules to sub-atomic particales strong enough to stop a bull body slap a two ax's and drop a mule, urinating rocket fuel freestyling over gospl tunes. rhymes by the thousands rhymes for hours i can kick a rhyme longa then your whole album
kick boxer beating da shit outta nigga proper
i beat till they holla
beat em till the cops beating niggas till they have seizures
beating til they start screaming,
like fax machines when they start receiving
beat em till my own hands start bleedin'
beat em till their lungs stop breathin' and their hearts stop beatin'from 12 am till 12pm in the evenin' with 3, 15 min breaks in between them
good jesus, thats a real west indian beatin'
thats what you get fo fuckin wit this lyrical demon my blood streams been
contaminated for eons
i got cast out of hevean for treasen
got cast out of the garden of edon for letting the reptilain beast in got locked up for a d.u.i
and speedin'
a whole leagon will have decent mc's to get released when they spit 100 bars for their freedom, see im much to nice to compete with to nice to flow over beats with to nice to hold a mic wit on some decent hurcules shit i cold flip and start to punch trees till they leaveless, inhale with to 2 real deep breaths, hold my breath till the whole planet sufficates then release it (release it)
Yo you aint as cold as us
you ad bold as us
when you get thrown to the wolves
you get thrown to us!
cuz we rollin' rough when the soljah's rush
either you roll wit us or get blown to dust
Yo you aint as cold as us or as bold as us
when we in the war zone we got the chrome wit us
cuz we rollin rough when the soljahs rush,(ashes to ashes dust to dust) either you roll wit us or get blown to dust.

Yo yo yo, now for the last couple of months things been real quiet
becz i aint heard shit worth buyin'
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and my lyrics come from my inna spirit???
faster then 12 cyclinder engines with nytrogene in them.
faster then f1 macmarin pistons
fast enough to give your brain an aneurysm
because you niggas are slower then a fat bitches
the way i be rippin apart the competion when i be spitin'
the name canibus might as well be canabulism.
show me a man that cant feel em
ill show you a man that will grab him by the neck and but his head
to the fan
on the ceiling
sumtin real banned from televsion shit
drop hi m off the top of the buildin and let the news film him
ill hop in front of the cameras
and tell em how im feeling
ill tell how i feel tha hip hop should deal wit it.
tell him im tired of these state rappaz is 90 percent of rappas kick is subject matterless not orginal but blasphemous just a bunch of the same characters shooting the same videos its embarrassin'using the same formulas to have a hit
using the same acters and actresses same shit
different laxative face it nigga ya wack as shit
im snatchin ya mike
ill make you run for ya life
chill during the day light
to track you at night my global position is satelites i got a infored lens to detect you bodies farahight
where ever you go
ill track you thru hell sleet or snow
ill track you till you ceaser grows into an afo
or till your???
track till your shoe sole develpoe holes and you get corns on your toes
till your teeth develope halitosis
but you been going so long without deoterent you dont even notice muthafucka!

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