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Canibus( Germaine Williams )

Niggonometry - Album Version (Edited)

N, I, G G, A
N, I, G G, A
N, I, G G, A
(Nigganometry, nigga-nom-nom-nometry)

N, I, G G, A
N, I, G G, A
N, I, G G, A
(Nigganometry, nigga-nom-nom-nometry)

Now if a bitch sucks yo' dick, for five dollars per square inch
And gets forty dollars, includin' a five dollar tip
How big was the dick she just sucked?
(Say what?)
Say how big was the dick she just sucked?

If you a nigga with a watch, that's iced out
With enough rocks to make the hottest room temperature drop
How long will it take for you to get robbed?
(Say what?)
How long will it be before you get robbed?

Now if your song played on the radio for the first time
Four days ago, now the shit is rotational
Who got paid off to play it?
(I ain't scared to say it)
Say who the fuck got paid off to play it?
(I ain't scared to say shit)

If you sign a recordin' deal for less than a quarter mill'
And your advance is a hundred-thousand dollar automobile
I know the vehicle was probably beautiful
(Yeah, it's tight)
But did you ask your lawyer if it was recoupable?
It's Nigganometry

N, I, G G, A
N, I, G G, A
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(Nigganometry, nigga-nom-nom-nometry)

N, I, G G, A
N, I, G G, A
N, I, G G, A
(Nigganometry, nigga-nom-nom-nometry)

You had five shots of coke and vodka, then you convinced
Your designated driver to smoke a pound of marijuana
How the hell you gonna get home?
Say how the fuck you gonna drive yourself home?

You got a mansion, a Benz, a Bentley and a Range
And ain't none of that shit in your government name
What pieces of property do you own?
(You don't own nothin')
What pieces of property do you really own?
You don't own a god damn thing, nigguh

Now if you take a glass of water then add two cubes of ice
You should see the cup's water level slightly rise, right?
You need to watch what I'ma show you
(Watch this)
You need to look closely at what I'ma show you
(Listen to this right here)

If you remove every living animal out of the sea
Then wouldn't the world's ocean water level decrease?
This means the planet wasn't three-quarters water
(That was deep)
This means the planet wasn't three-quarters water
(That shit was deep)
It's Nigganometry

Hey, I've been sitting here trying to think
Of what we can do with this here letter L

F, U, C, K, L L

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