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Mistah F.A.B.


Mistah F.A.B.

I Know Freestyle

Shit, if you ever been stuck at the bottom money gang,
do you know about your mama and just smoking on cane
do you know about your daddy do aint even know his name,
yeah you just know his name, but thats the only thing
man couldnt recognize this frame,
couldnt recognize this face, if you ..for no bitches,
you aint never heard his voice,
man its hard in the game when your brother up and chill
and he writing letters in this field like he writes in hell,
cause youre feeling fucking flame from the letter that you get,
when it tell you that you gotta eat the same water that this shit
gotta drink the same water that he shit,
gotta eat the same shit that the water come above of them,
made up in this bitch, you see you glowin to a public room,
thats how Im living in this probably soon,
then say you nigga dying well its probably soon,
they say the world end it well holly doom,
on fuck it aint no holidays zippin the hood,
cause they nigga gettin killed, thats all bowl nigga thought is all good
we grew up on the north side, posted by the course side,
we grew up right there, what a road she shit the flow and ride,
nigga shit the flow and high, late night, late night
living in the game, aint no cable on fake right, text flight
take might they might hate right,
but we give a f*ck cause we just pray to see the daylight,
Im waking up in the morning, thanking God I made it,
waking up in the morning just thank God I made it,
looking to the sky light, is it for God?
cause where Im from man its flipping it hard,
I said Im waking in the morning just thanking God I made it,
waking up in the morning just thanking God I made it,
look to the skylight just look to the God,
the way that Im living is hard,
so what you know about, mama only person in the building with a job,
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next her neighbor got a hustle against his neighbor got a ride,
other neighbor smoke and crack, and youre selling for the low,
wont tell for the rock, but he keep coming with this 7 and low,
six better but we just try to get money get chatter,
because were tired to living the business, feeling tired to getting fed up,
Lord..been act your dough, huh,
early man, talking how his hated checks, its early man
God damn, it was a chance, you probably got to the third,
but he want his money on the first,
so Im back up to the turn,..and I got my f*cking my room,
my mind gone, and Im tryin to focus and just keep my mind on,
mama only one that work inside and building though,
anybody else sexy lady you got me killing slow,
I feel like I aint living bro, when you in giving though,
you stuck up in this penitentiary is like a prison bro
penitentiary I mean this hood
and its like a penitentiary when youre stucking man aint good
and your brother after..you nigga Ive been curved
and you one nigga aint sold it dad he aint never learned,
got another nigga locked down and..in it hot, till it burn
got a nigga up desert so hottie ..it burn
got your other nigga stuck down the line pockets feeling in the feds
and the other nigga he I aint talking bout been here,
Im talking bout term in no island..in this prisons my nigga be striling,
with an young nigga aint learning and man theyll be whilin
when they stuckin their pan hit a nigga for shilling
will you never see your nigga whats smiling
and they visit the room only time you nigga be smiling,
thats f*cked up
you know how youre whiling from Saint..rippers,
..is rare.
True story man.