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Mistah F.A.B.


Mistah F.A.B.

Welcome To The Ghetto Freestyle

Welcome to the ice, you know I had to do one about
Our oakland town, my little cousin jaydo picked this ... yeah

Everyday I live, my life is real
And the block where I grew up got real
See it's so many of my niggas get killed
Man the shit so trill but the shit so true
I seen lil ... got shot on 45th
A couple years later man chump got hit
The shit's fucked up on the block I live
Tb got shot same corner and shit
I knew a nigga on 43rd got smoked
Can't believe my lil nigga start using dope
I heard a nigga I used to fucked with started to snitch
I never thought that that nigga be that bitch
I knew my nigga got locked clevon did 18
But came to a nothing, in the ...gino
Got out and got it clean, got a new job, now he doing big things
Bought his first house, got another grand daughter
Shit so real, listening to what I bought her
And I ain't mean grand, I just mean another daughter
Cause that's my nigga gino man wassup

Shout out to my niggas in the hood
Still doing bad but we tryina do good
Couple niggas got robbed they ain't never been back
I miss my nigga rob, nigga rob beeing yap
I miss my nigga nap, man he used to have a set
On 46 with the big ass dogs that attacked, man remember that?
When he stayed upstairs, or bet I say dowstairs,
Man who cares
Man I remember that day, I decided to stack
Welcome to the ice nigga, that's where I'm at
Welcome to the ice, welcome to the ghetto
Welcome to the ghetto

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I remember when spice one shot this video
In 4000 golded...that's when tucky had a motherfucking irock
With the 5 time gold, nigga, wheels
He waas shining like a motherfucker, him and dre
Comin through, back to back all day
That's when fat john nigga came through in the hood
A big ass nigga but we knew he was good
Too bad he snitched on my nigga marv, got my nigga locked up
Man this shit's hard
And my nigga oat out we used to hoop on the court
Me and big pete nigga I wasn't even old enough to hoop
But I would be up on the court balling, balling
Remember when my niggas went balling,
Remember when big jake nigga wasn't big
Rest in peace to my nigga, I really miss you kid
I said I swear to god nigga jay king
I'm still in the hood nigga doing my thing
And that's just the 40's ain't made it to the 50's
Let me skip voer to the 50's is you with me?
Rest in peace to my nigga milly fucking o
I really miss my nigga, nigga that's from the heart for sure
I miss sleepy too, and ...niggas in the hood making rock hard
I'm talking niggas from the dope nigga rock hard
On the block all night and they rock hard
I'm talking niggas in the hood that was bout that life
Hold up lil nigga, you ain't bout that life
I'm talking nigga went brent had all the bitches
And gary came through nigga with all the shit
Grown hair nigga want the ...
Welcome to the ice, nigga what?
Welcome to the ghetto,
Welcome to the ghetto.