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Mistah F.A.B.


Mistah F.A.B.

One King Freestyle

I only love her if she cashing out
If not, I'm like why even ask her out
I'm on whole another ask her route
Lvoe college bitches, getting in for her financial aid
I got it made special wear like an 88
Niggas talk like they run it but they don't freight
Niggas know me I've been running like a
I penetrate these rap niggas, they been afraid
I was getting high when niggas was smoking on 8
So what you know about it? I'm talking sean pelly
I'm talking shout out to the blunts yeah, all of my rellies
Huh, I usually listen to them beat dres
Or them dres beats nigga having cheap days
Mac dre raised me, I came from a dizzle dance
Back to being a blow the whistle man
To I got dizzle manta, what is is dizzle manta
Ridin snoon ...dizzle man
Damn, she only love me when I'm balling
I guess she love me all the time
I'm monsoon with this rap, I'm freestyle
Brothers park with the rhyme when I'm doing it
I'm all the time, I'm jim all the way, I keep a dime
Crossover, blow the shot, latrelle spree for 3
Chriss mollin dream team they can't fuck with me
Freestyle nigga and I ain't wrote a bar down
Y'all niggas never heard of a star
Well understand you don't gotta see the sky to see a star now
Huh, I'm like wrestling wwf, or before that
Wrestling on nintendo, where you could be the animal or the star child
Remember the dude with the star on his face
I leave a nigga Tony Montana, with a scar on his cheek
I know you thought that I was fin to say face
About face, turn around and look who you looking at in the face
And realize nigga I'm the new god
Say your grace, no blasphemy
How many bastards will blast for me
One king rapping in the verse of 3
These niggas can't fuck with me
Verse is he, you versus I, I versus me
The biggest competition I see
Is the dude that I'm looking inside of a mirror
And he's looking back at me
And when I move, he moves,
I guess the biggest competition is me

I'm 3d to these niggas, I make it easy
They can't see me, they frisby
I'm motherfucking marcus grand
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Zam, that's a boomerang, I'm fucking bad bitches and old bitches
Booty thang, belt with and I kick it
New ...versus every time I spit it
Johhny days with a brand new, he man, hit man
To throw greenland, and imagine my mind
And make it come through, in rhyme
But never spit an hour later rap
You know them rap about it now
Hopefully get it later cats
Me, I been hopping out the louie store
With a lifetime prescription
Trow, ghost up, been sipping syrup for them niggas even toasted up
Been popping bottles for them niggas sitting on moses bra
Been a young nigga with more swag than a nigga with 4 dads
That never knew his original one
Original son, I got em, if they ain't out, then I don't got them
If they out, I had them 3 weeks before they came out
Sa young, cc's a ...know what I'm talking bout
Been the fliest nigga in the hood,
Been making it rain, when everybody else was going through a desert drought
Desert storm, boom bam shoot, 92 brand new guns, you niggas can't even compete
I salute, the general, y'all don't know how I do it
Pulling up to warriors game, sit in front row next to the owner
Telling him what he should do
Like you should draft this person, trade this person
Put me here, sit me right there
And the next game we'll win, next game we won
Hi I'm him, damn dog, you can't fuck with me, I'm Jim Barnette
Front row talking shit to all of the warriors
Kevin queen, we playing...that halftime
I'm just flossing
Niggas in the pen saying fav I seen you at the game versus the lakers
Talking shit
Yeah I'm rght there, they call me the oakland version of jack nick
God damn, that's it, that's sick
A rabbit that's hopping around with no bunny
With diamonds that's not sunny in the middle of dark time
Dark knight with them rhymes, ill, might even shoot up your block
If you play around with my part rhymes
Part time, part half man half amazing
Half rap, half asian, half cat, half causian
Half rap man half blazing
Half pass a monkey ass on niggas
That don't think fab is amazing.