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Hating on Me


HOME (Hating On Me)
Trinidad James

When it comes to the money you've been making too much
Comes to the honeys, you've been pimpin' too much
Speaking of your friends, faking too much
But all I want to know, oh

Is why they hating on me, hating on me
All I want to know is why they hating on me
Hating on me, Hating on me
All I want to know is why they hating on me

With these hoes I ain't focused
And these niggas I'm the coldest
Since Prince had his ass out
Since Run & Shoot was open
I'm an old school Atlanta nigga
Golds and the forces
Trapped in this world, nigga
By goals and misfortunes

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My mama ain't rich, what the fuck you thank
That Imma just stop cause of the shit you're saying
Oh, Imma just stop cause these niggas hating
(I'd rather die a real nigga then to live a fake)I can't let these fuck niggas get the best of me
How I deal with the hate, how I stay at peace is what they're wondering
It's what they're asking me
Smile in your face, shoot a bird in your pocket
That's the recipe

Balling, I been playing these fools
And Imma keep doing what I do
Is it cause they stolen
They been looking up the news
Tryna see if they can find you
Must've heard I'm the newness, bringing bitches through this
Hanging on the song like some motherfucking nooses
Say you're getting more, then motherfucking choose this
Is it cause I'm intercity booming, but I'm living on the south side
I had them thangs pulling up, I hear them parking outside
Mr. International, the city towns we run about
Ban me from the studios
We still make hits at Sonny's house