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Vodka On The Weekend

Fuck what you heard but my team on top
Funk hit hard and the freeze don't stop
I don't give a damn about the shit they drop
Next I'm a [?]and they shit gon' flop
Come through and the place gon' rock
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Let them niggas know what it is with the flow
Hit the strip and it's time for the show
Pyramid nigga, yeah I'm down for the gold
Throw it up where you from where you rep?
[?]with my hood I'm a vet
How the young nigga ride with the tec
Pullin' up on the set leave 'em wet
Say you fire, boy you lie, I'm the best
Been great, nothin', more nothin' less
I'm just grindin' dawg
Can't rush this shit it's just timin' dawg
Drinkin' vodka on the motherfuckin' weekend
Give a damn about what them bitches thinkin'
Cause when I pass by they wanna ride
Got purple, silly out here geekin' like Urkel
I don't give a damn about a circle
Cause I just like gettin' high
Bitch I get chose, what the fuck is a chase?
I take a step back blow a blunt in your face
I say it a hundred times man all you niggas fake
Awful niggas trill I can tell you that too
Can a nigga fuck? Girl tell me is it cool
Shawty swing my way, blow blunts on the highway
Ain't got a job, Friday, so I'ma get you high
Go on take a hit let this [?]
George Washington I can never tell a lie
That's a bad example cause that cracker was a lie
Still I'm Po [?]
Niggas like me is rare
Add the capital P, I'm a player
Swingin' my dreads through the air
Motherfuck you, why should I care?
When I was down bad you sure wasn't there
Inhale, exhale, inhale again
Gettin' out post bail go sell again
Come look, come smell, go tell your friends
Unless they told before cause they'll tell again
Don't trust no love, no fucks to give
Hold up slow up, boy duck the pigs
If them lights come on, and you stop I'm gone
I'ma jump out and run, boy fuck the [?]
Fuck shuckin' and jivin' I'm just tryna live
Pistol on my side, niggas dyin' to live
Move like [?]out my space
Cause my life ain't a price I'm tryna give
I'm stressin', niggas tryna juug and finessin'
And a nigga might live a little reckless
But at the end of the day I wipe the shit from my brain
Ain't nothin' help from keep goin' insane