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I Love Makonnen


I Love Makonnen

Drink More Water 5 Freestyle

I just might pull up on yo pack and sell that
Young niggas be talkin' shit but on my draws they smell that
Call me on my old phone, nigga I can't answer
Said you smokin' on 'em cigarettes, I hope you gancer
Round in the town with 'em new thangs
Younger boys got blue thangs, fuckin' with some new pills
Heard they come from China mane, says you got sum' ecstasy
Niggas trying to get next to me, bitches out here talking shit
But I'mma be in Texas, g, all on the weekend
Sippin', swervin', leanin', all my shit the best shit
Nigga, what you meanin'? we don't need no features, boy
I'm out here being teacher, boy
Skype-in' on yo teacher, facetime and snapchattin' out
I be smokin' dro on the pole, what the fuck you know?
I be in the streets, livin' sure, tryina get my dough
Cause I need mo', I need mo' than these fuckin' shows
Really tryina pay, tryina see 30k a day
Back up on the block again, I got some blocks for my friends
They ain't doin' shit but hangin' out in the woods trapping
Tryina make this shit, gives a damn about what I'm rapping
Long as that money comin' back and make me get rapping
On Christmas trees, got jammin' what you need
I'm that nigga round the town like fuck a steep
Keep that white on that nose, keep that nose on that white
I gotta presence, that bitch look like Snow WhiteÂ
Plus we ride around with George Crew, all my boys be five two
All they call around and fuckin' how the AK on the dude
Young niggas gettin' mad cuz they be out here losin' that
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Gettin' locked in fuckin' jail, they gon' fuckin' break the cell
I'm back on with it too, heard you tried to get it too
I got like 22, left goin' low fo' 2
If you want it, come and get 'em 'cause we really need it
I'm just givin' somethin' out
I mean boy, I'm tired as fuck, I just need sum' cold
I'ma do another bump and tell all my jokes
Only fuckin' beats to make 'em go on my mixtape
Motherfuckers like 'goddamn, he's so great'
See me on the documentary, bitch, I got that noisey loud
See me on my 2 way insta, loud as I come see the child
Oh goddamn, we be gettin' super fuckin' wild
Doin' shoots in LSD, did the cure for bolt now
Dope party, look on it like Geopardy
All off in goddamn in the pool like Lombardi
I be out here in New York, nigga, with your Shawty
Fuckin' with 'em Yankeys, muthafucka come and saw me
Uh, on the droptop, I don't even drop tops
My friends got BMW's that look like space drops
Oh, goddamn, niggas like Uncle Sam be callin' on my phone like
Goddamn, boy, you always bad
I don't owe you shit, nigga, I'm just gon' and take that shit
Spend it all on bricks, make it back and Prolly take that bitch
Out to Atlanta, or I'll Prolly be Italy
Young niggas like their pasta, yeah, they fuckin' cook with me
I'm done