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No one said that this was going to be so easy
that was just a lie I sang to myself
it only gets harder with every passing day
watch the sun rise through a window the size of a keyhole
to a door that wont be opened
a cross that's not mine is holding me back
and those bleeding hearts have got me pinned to the ground
this world was meant to keep us on our knees
Told to be grateful for what's been given
but never given a chance
that's all we wanted
my mind is a weapon kept tucked away
held back too long
now my emotions have got the best of me
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feeling my heart beat like a drum
my legs turned to concrete
there's no place to run
frustrations have got me by the front of my shirt
my mouth is the barrel to a gun
I'll climb to my feet, and throw my arms in the air (fire away)
The bullets say 'I dare you'
to go on with life this way
you couldnt go another day
I made my way out
the key to the door was breaking it down