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Hang Your Head

This is the death of a revolution.
Like a bullet to your brain.
A ceasefire of the weapons.
That help us combat a world gone insane.
And now this place is just as crazy, as everything we stood against; ignorance, arrogance, vanity and greed - all the bullshit that has no place.
I'm losing faith inside these four walls, so I hang my head.
I'm losing touch in the ones closest to me, so I hang my head.
I'm losing faith in myself, all I do is hang my head.
I'm losing it in my one true love so I can't just pretend.
That everything is going to be alright.
While we breathe our final breath.
I'm still beating my fists against the same old walls I've spent my life trying to break.
If this doesn't come roaring out of you like the rising sun – Hang your head.
If you are doing this for me or them or anyone but yourself – Hang your head.
If this is anything less than everything – Hang your head.
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So what can I do to protect my home.
While they rip it apart.
I will give every breath to this - will not hang my head.
I'll keep fighting for every inch - will not hang my head.
I won't let this become another place to hang my head.
Live it or leave it I'll take these words to my FUCKING grave.
So you can have this when you pry it from my cold dead hands.
Cause the older I get the angrier I am and the harder it is to find balance.
Focus it and carry it like a weapon.
On my side to help me keep my head.
Cause this has kept me from finding hope at the end of a gun.
At the end of a fucking rope.