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No One Writes Protest Songs Anymore

Don't ask me why when the reasons couldn't be any more apparent
from the children born into addictions from the conscience their mothers lacked,
kidnapped from their minds by a substance made to corrupt and destroy
leaving any will they once had in splintered shards.

And i'm the one who's crazy?
Something here has to give,
i'm the one who's crazy?
When will this insanity end?

How many more reasons do you need as a peron makes violence their only means,
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gunned down their friends, for the money they need to silence the hunger that courses through their veins.
It's all too clear as one more person sells themselves
on the streets to feed the monster that keeps them on their knees.

So don't ask me why, just take a long look around.
See the sickness born from this, all their human qualitites have now been stripped
as the future gets thrown away.

I'd rather be crazy if this is what you call sane.