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Im Moving

Intro:Oh, oh, it's Kreayshawn bro

[Verse 1:Kreayshawn]
Oh, guess what, I'm up on this track
I'll lay you down on your back, with the mac
I bet you didn't know, but I knew it
You fucking blew it, let's fucking do it
Yeah, cause I'm swag surfin'
On the swag tsunami yeah I'm surfin
But I can't swim, but I'll be ridin' that wave all mothafucking day
Yeah, I got the fucking swag flu bro
I'm coughing on your bitch and I hope she don't get it
Cause I got it, bitch I rock it
That swag flu shit makes me want to stop it
And look, I went to the store and got some shit
Yeah that shit was looking better than your bitch
In the picture, I wish I was kicking it with you
But I can't so I'mma go do my fucking dance bitch
What it do, I'm gonna fuck your crew
And after I'm done then I'm gonna kill you
I will kill you, and it's nothing to me
Run up on you with the Jimmy and the Kimmy
Pull out the Tommy, like salami
I make sandwiches, Italian deli
Bitch I'm so heavy, like a fucking weight
Lift me up, pull me down, I'm off the ground
I'm too heavy for you to carry around

[Verse 2: Kreayshawn]

Put me on your back girl
Run around with me on your back
Like a piggy back ride
I run up when I ride girl
And the side girl got the mac girl
And if you acting crazy then I'll have to react girl
Don't fucking play with me like it's a joke
Not on facebook, I will fucking poke
You in the eye, and I don't play
I hope you lose your vision, I'm from the Bay
You can't see me, or on t.v
Maybe on ustream, you can really act like you know me
When you add me on twitter
Don't be acting like hella bitter
When I don't follow you back
It's nothing personal
You ain't cooler than me, your status ain't tight
But I will, update all night
And all day, I don't fucking give a shit
Fuck everything, and fuck your fucking bitch
Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, Fuck
I can't fucking stop cussing
Shit, fucking, whore
I fucking love cussing
Shit, bitch, ho
Fucking, shit
[Laughing]I don't know all the cuss words
But i'll keep it lit
Fuck You Bitch

[Verse 3: Kreayshawn]

Yeah, yeah, I'm going fucking ham
I'm going fucking spam
And I will kill your man
I will kill your mama
And I will kill your dog
I won't kill your kitty
But i'll steal her and put her in a bag
And take her home, and she can play with my cat too
My cat's a fucking goon, she's a real goon
I got a fucking text message
Who it be, it's Lil B, from the pack
Hey I got five on the dro if you get a blunt
Man you already know, I had a bag of dro
Somewhere and I lost it
I think I gotta go look for it
It is in my pocket

Outro: Yaaaayyy !