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Me and Kitty just chillin, Sittin on the Couch, and this drank, we spillin
This Bo, we sip it, and we leaning in this bitch
Me and Little Cat the Flare going dumb up in yo bitch, yeahh
Free My sisster mayne~! Cause I miss her maynee~!
I always feel the pain, when my friends , ain't around me...
Im goin crazy cause I get so lonely. its liek wtf is going on..
I'm Phony! I like to eat my cheese and balogna sandwitches when I'm Hungry ;)
When I'm hungry I stay eating
I'm never on the Streets, Bleedin
Cause I just stay in the house, on these beats, I will be fuckinn freakin!

Like a fucking Nympho
I'm coming down the street
And I dont give a fuck , about, yo fuckin foes , cause a Six is what I rock with
Bitch if you hot, than put it in yo pocket
Don't walk in the club, sprayin in the air!
Its gonna hit GOD, than he will, really care!
And knock yo ass down. because he dont play
Jesus knocks down thousands of people, eveeryday

Im based, I'm up in the sky, I'm way so fucking high
I'm flyin like a kite, but I'm stuck like chuck
And I won't even try. I'm always just so high
I'm always just so fuckin fly!

My swag is off the fuckin rictor!
BITCH , you think that my name was victor
But its not! its kreayshawn! I got it goin on
Me and my mom. Yeah, fuck a dad. that shit I never had
But still, im goin bad. I'm goin fuckin rad, like I'm brad!
Like a crazy ass bitch on the shit goin ham , yeah
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Fucked the can yeah. im goin spam man

I'm goin hard. harder than yo bitch, when she was on yo best friends dick
OH MY GOD. bustin bithes out
All fuckin day
You thoguht yo bitch was straight
But that bitch is shaadayyyy! aye!

Fuck that shit man. yo bitch is a ho!
They tried to
Kick down my sisters back door, but it didn't work
Cause that bitch will twerk
And if you run up in the house, we'll put yo ass to work
Put you on the floor
Now you layin theree
We ain't playin here, bitch, we dont pull hair
Cause we ain't got none! we short haired ho's!
Bitch you really think I fucking care though?
Cause I dont. let me catch my breath
I'm running out of it, that stuff. it's..fuck!

I'm fuckin goin so hard on this shit I never quit
I'll never stop i'll never drop or flip flop
I'm goin never stoppin. I'm steady rockin

Run up on me and I will get to poppin that gat in yo face bitch, cause i dont really play bitch. we fuckin do this shit every fuckin day bitch!

And im gunna be M-O-B-B-I-N-G everytime you see me. Oh!
Yeah im mobbin ho uh everything when im commin down the street yeah that's where i'll be. dont fuck with me. im Kreayshawn. im Kreayshawn bitch, oh. im so fuckin mean