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I'm Sick

Oh man, I don't feel good
Oh fuck, I'm sick man...

I'm so sick, your girl really hopin
That I ain't get it open but I just be smoking
A rich girl posin
Man fuck these hoes they be bluffin'
I be boastin' man I always be toasted
Cause I put a pig on the stick and really start to roast man
Yeah fuck the pigs man they took my nigs
They knock my partner down, pat her thang out
She was busting rounds man free Vnasty
Man I don't bang but I bang on that bitch
Man I'm tryna stay pretty fuck being rich
I'm just wanna chill, and smoke a blunt on the beach man
But I find myself in these streets man
I wanna be cold, fuck the heat man
Fuck the heater man
The hearts so cold I'm living in the freezer man
And fuck yo bitch she is skeezin'
I never give in I just tease 'em
And they want my mixtape out man
But I ain't takin'
And your bitch man she never speakin'
I had a bitch open man she was Puerto rican, a real freak man
Ow, ow, these bitches sayin how
How kreayshawn do it man they wanna know now
But I can teach ya soon, sooner than later
Im bout to hop off on my board and start skatin
Man I be swagging, the bitch never actin'
I be in the town with the shit getting active
I don't find myself very attractive
But I be forever mackin'
Take ya girl breath now she asthma attackin'
Ha, make that booty clap man
Now she on the stage getting all my money
All these A's and B's man they bring me all my honey
They bring me all my honey, all my money
And I don't give a fuck man you could look bummy
But I'm put you on my team and we start making all this cream
Bitch get with me
Man I be high all the time, freestyling
Shit be getting on my mind man
On my mind man
I'm on my grind man, I took her hymen
I dropped my chain though, my real bling though
Bitch see me call me on my phone hear it ring yo
Yeah, I took her hymen, ha! I can't believe I said that