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The Serpent's Song

All of this mental confusion, fuckin' dragging me down.
Taking me places I never would go.
Filling my senses with sorrow and woe.
Sick in the head, never fit in,
Sick of the people and places you've been.
People you knew, backs turned on you.
Don't know what the fuck to do.
I guess I'm a let down, I guess I'm a fucking waste of life.
I'll continue to judge you,
As long as you continue to fucking waste my time.
And pollute my fondest memories,
With your constant presence
Empty thoughts pouring out of your empty heads.
Now I've grown tired, my muscles they ache.
All this digging and digging, day after day.
I dug my grave, it's a perfect fit.
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Now fucking leave me to lie in it.
Fighting for the enemy, creating sin,
Making people want to give in.
Irresponsibility constantly overcomes me.
Make love, fuckin' take drugs, fuckin' hate love.
For all we know we're gonna die young,
So let's get fucked up till we're all numb.
Sinner or saint, sinner or saint,
The meaning's the same, it's always the same,
You can't get away from meaningless things,
And meaningless ways to spend your days just wasting away.
Keep singing the serpent's song, keep singing along.
Pulsing through my veins, the venom I became.