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A Fool Like You

Well your individual style
Leaves 'em rolling in the aisles
No one can be a fool like you

You've got an engine for a heart
That always needs a kick start
Still I want to be a fool like you

So long waiting for your heart strings to be undone
When will you unwind
When will you unwind

So long when will you meet someone you can count on
Will you get by
Will you get by

You've sunk like stone
Become just a drop in the ocean
You'll never see the shore
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You'll never know the score

Well I don't know if it should
Bring on a quickening of the blood
When I'm talking with a fool like you

And if a fool is someone who
Keeps his savings in his shoes
That's a richer fool, a taller fool, a fool like you

Can I get another hit
Of your sweet acidic wit.
Burning in a fool like me

I've got an engine for a heart
And you gave me the thing a kick start
But there will never be another fool like you