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New Left

I've created this environment in which I can be truly free of “social normalcy”
An anarchy of thought in this unrelenting brain I've got
It started out so beautifully, but now it tortures me; everything I see looks like shit to me
It stems from corporate greed - the profit incentives of wealthy executives
All my friends are filled with chemicals spoon fed by rich assholes
Trying to save a buck, but it's just my luck to get caught in the middle of this cluster-fuck
Capitalize me
Incentivize me
Please give me a reason, give me something to believe in
I'm so sick of being stuck in my head and I want to be dead – I am alive just to sleep
Just a piece o the pie, that's all I ask
When I die you can have it back
Look at me, crying on my knees; fucking bloody teeth
The wheels of the system keep turning and spinning
And grinding and burning
And forcing me down to my knees
A world where the well-to-be are void of all sympathy
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I can't live like this, I can't live like this…
If I had the means I might change a few things
But I don't, so I let the gears spin out of control
We're all alone in this but we do not have to be
This awful place gets smaller every day
And I don't know what to do, and I don't know what to say
This horrible place gets smaller every day
And it's closing in on me.
I feel it closing in on me.
Fatten my wallet and make me free
I want to be like everybody else I see
I want to fight my way up, I want to step on heads
I want to build my wealth at the expensive of my equals.
I want the American dream.