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Mientra La Veo Sonar

Despierta Despierta,
No ay mas tiempo,
No ay nada mas importante que sus sueños,
El Mala pregunta,
tierra requesta,
El futuro es tuyo,
si quien lo quiera,

Running in water,
crawling through consciousness,
likes to dance on sleeping eyes,
pretty dreams and pretty mind,
I know like dandelions,
and weightless nights,
kisses soft and sweet upon the neck,
come and dance in purple sky,
wandering through my lazy eyes,
I know cut the cord and take this bread,
window in the soul I fear the end.

La lluvia bailando,
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feliz con el viento,
la playa besando el mas tranquilo,
no ay obsulusion,
solo su deseo.
realta sobjectivo,
yo soy lo que piensas.

Drowning in fire,
Drowning through consciousness,
Rhythm slow beneath the press,
Pretty dreams for pretty games,
I know,
lavender and oak leaves,
kisses often sleep on the belly,
like the records dragon fly,
time was sparrowed through the sky,
I know creatures in the gander light,
when up to the heart, a kiss goodnight.