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I Don't Care

1, 2, 1, 2, ready, go
pick it up, pick it up
pick it up, pick it up
go! go!pick it up, pick it up
pick it up, pick it up
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i got out of Los Al school today
and i headed for the girls soccer game
there was this guy that was sitting next to me
he started talking, started talking about strategy
and i said 'You say strategy?
that don't mean a thing to me
if that's not you then i don't care.
i just like their underwear.
i go to all the soccer games just to prove i'm not gay.'
you say i'm terrible, but i don't care.
no, i don't care.
i don't care
no, i don't care

matt, then what happened?
there was this girl, this girl that i used to know
she don't talk to me, no she don't talk to me no more
pick it up, pick it up
pick it up, pick it up
we used to go to all of the soccer games (all those games)
now she just makes fun of me an calls me lame.
and now you know exactly what i mean
i love the girls, the girls on the soccer team
any soccer girl is fine with me (fine with me)
just please don't talk about strategy!
wno, dos, uno, dos, tres, quatro!
i don't care!