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My Lonesome Only Friend

In the middle of the moment
IN the dark of a dream
with the focus of a fool
Man, you can tell me anything

If there's a reason for deceit
in the chaos that I covet
try to find my self
before I start to loathe it

No I can't just let you run
I never knew such sorrow as the setting sun
Now I take my last breath
of my lonesome only friend

Oh give me what I please
The desire to be free
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Just to stop all the pain and the shiverin'
No I can't seem to let it go
The trust it leaks like a lie
I know you tried to save me, baby
But you ran out of time...

No I can't see myself astray
I feel emptiness at the first light of day
And now I take my last breath
On my lonesome only friend

I try to run but I can only crawl
Every time I stand I slip and surely fall
Oh now I take my last breath
Oh my lonesome only friend