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TraviS Scott


TraviS Scott

God Level

This that god feelin'
Mirage feelin'
Money shower feelin'
Praise the lord
Blaze to peace
Oh yes lord

Guess what, I ain't eat today or pay my rent today
I done fucked around and lost my mind doin' what the teacher say
Every night every other weekend fuck I needed that place to stay
Wonder if a nigga every see that day, will a nigga ever get the beats on 'ye
Floatin in my mind thinkin prep-irate for hell season, jesus
You gon need Monisha, need Bonqui for different reasons
Damn i want it all swear to god this shit prestigious one call done changed it all shout out to regis

Guess what, i can tip today and pay your rent today
Fuck it, you can keep that fish fillet im eating creme brulee
We gon run this whole world remember I had no shoes to lace
Now it's (?)
Yeah we far from that kool-aid
I just got back from paris
I just been across the lake
Dad call seen me on XXL and yeen know what to say
Really though nigga
They finally know kid been about it
No fiction about it, designer he bought it
Ain't nothing different about it
We coming right in and ain't leaving without it
Jack and jill started fucking on my hill
Walk on water falls, they got back for raps and back to seal
World full of rage niggas who gon' stop that now
Price on that pussy is up to bring them panties down