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TraviS Scott

Lights (Love Sick)

My momma always ask me 'bout attitude
Damn, momma I don't know at all
I met this chick who want to meet me at the avenue
I had a feeling we'd have a ball
She knows stars, I know that
She want cars, I want jets
She want to get eloped, but I don't know yet
Pick up my fur after sitting, hanging in the coat check
Give me calls, she pick me off, I didn't hit the door yet
Damn, I'm sorry, but that bitch gon' be looking love sick
All on TV, crying to Maury, looking love sick
While I'm probably in the Rari, going Audi, fucking with molly
And we running on E, not the gas, but the molly
And she fucking with me so she came to have a party
Now she leaving with me, now you're love sick

Do you realize?
We all want these flashing light, oh
So when you close your eyes
Do you picture us havin' a hell of a night? Oh
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Dinner time, I'm dining out with a porn star
She remind me of home, L.A., our second home
See see we met at Leon, plenty empty bottles of Lonestar
Conversation was long, how she landed from Rome
Yeah, she did
Later on that night I got her back to the crib
Kicked off My Will&Rich and got her down to her skin
After all she got a little taste test of my kids
You know what, we used to dream about this
A couple models and cribs, way fresher than movies
Should of know it was fake, I could tell by the boobies
Treated life like a safe, load it up and then blew me
Yeah, she did
Head so good, it ain't even cost me
Woke up, she gone, look what I lost
Sheepskin' and that (?)